Dreams come true, or how to wait for our musicians for 7 years…

At the end of 2011, I was at a wedding where Pohorilko Band was playing. I must say that at all weddings before and after that, I was often and almost every time in the role of the witness, so I had to communicate with wedding bands a lot. At that wedding I was pleasantly surprised: Pohorilko-Band had only a Ukrainian-language and English-language repertoire, there were no vulgar entertainments or jokes. It was intelligently! At that time I’ve already know, whoever I would marry, Pohorilko-Band will play at my wedding party. In the summer of 2017, the sister of my future husband married, and I recommended her Pohorilko-Band. This was an Ukrainian-Italian wedding, and everyone liked them again. And in May 2018, our turn was already in place.

I do not know what makes them special. Perhaps the case in charisma, which either exists or not, but if it is, then such people are special. Perhaps many years of experience and the ability to feel people and their mood. Perhaps the absence of a starstruck, which is very common between toastmasters and musicians. Perhaps the ability to feel the moment when you need to take the initiative on yourself, say a few phrases that change the course of the celebration. Maybe they are just our people, with whom we could not only celebrate the wedding but also drink coffee and talk about life.

On our wedding day, we found out that Andrew is also a perfect manager and coordinator. He resolved issues that did not fit into his responsibilities. I remember how a children’s animator came to me and asked for a table for children. At that moment, Andrew appeared behind the back with the words: “I will deal with tables” And left me to enjoy the holiday!

Thank you! Undoubtedly, our holiday would have taken place without you, but it would be different, not so “atmospheric” and “tuned” as the guests told us. Now we think about some celebration to invite Pohorilko-Band again. Probably some anniversary. And maybe sooner than in 7 years.

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