Saying that we are happy is saying nothing…

Could we dream about a better wedding? Probably not!

Saying that we are happy is saying nothing.

We are very happy !!!

Three days before the wedding, when we said that we want “Rzuć to wszystko co złe” by Zbigniew Vodecki as a song for the first dance, they said – No problem. They studied this song in two days, and on Saturday this song was played “live”.

Andrew and his team know very well when to start the celebration, when it’s the best time to take a photo, when to cut a cake, when to sing with guests (they perfectly adapt to guests), when to take off the bridal veil, etc. Later after the main celebration ends, Andrew becomes a DJ and the party goes on.

The guests were so excited that they wanted us to repeat, that we should make another wedding where PogorilKo Band should play.

Honestly, I will tell you that nothing is as important at a wedding, as good music! We know for sure, and we relied on Pohorilko-Band and did not regret.
Highly recommend !!!

Grzegorz and Olya
September 15, 2018

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